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I am an addict, an addict of photography. This new found passion of mine started last year (2015) when I decided to buy one of those fancy cameras to take photos of my children. I found my self diving into this world of unknown creativity and technical learning curves. At first it was frustrating and it continues to be slightly frustrating.. but I love it! Now I am at a point where I am discovering possible opportunities in making a living from it all! Which leads me to the next part of this blog.. BUSINESS.

I am not a business oriented person by any means, so this is even more overwhelming then getting into photography itself. Why not give it a try! All I have to lose is my ego, cause the passion could never die. Another thing photography has been teaching me is to embrace the DIY life. This hobby is expensive! I’ve had to learn how to make the most with little to no budgets. Which has all lead me into another new world of creativity of self creation.