Can you Make A Living Off of Photography?

I am constantly asked by individuals how I make a living being a photographer. It is not an easy question to answer. Some photographers can easily make tons of money, with fashion photo shoots and national recognition. Others make much less, working in their town, offering photo shoots for babies and families. I am one of these photographers.

Doing What I Love
I may not make millions of dollars, but I love what I do. I am able to provide for my family, do what I love and have time to spend with my children. Very few people can actually say that. I have found that being a photographer is very fulfilling but I have also had to find ways to do what I love when it comes to finances.

Getting Started
When I first started, I gave away sessions for free. I needed to build my clientele so I used my skills and created portraits for customers at no cost. This helped me to gain a customer base, but also meant I was working for free. I had to be very frugal in the beginning to be able to live so that I could start this business.

Setting Prices
Once I began to gain customers, I set up my price points. Weddings have a certain cost while sessions have a cost based on where we go, outfit changes, etc. I had to look at my customer base and find out how I can be affordable for my services but also make money. I work hard for every customer and make sure to provide quality photos so I can then be recommended.

Free Marketing
Consider this. Whenever you are proud of a photo, you show it off. I want all of my customers to show off the photos that I take which will then spread my name. This is free promotion for my brand. I love having my clients recommend my work. I also use Facebook and Instagram to preview photo shoots and allow my followers to see a taste of my work. This can help me to gain new clients as well.

If you are interested in becoming a photographer as a career choice, know that it takes time. You will need supplies, a place for photo shoots, processing and a host of other items. Learn more about the career path before taking the plunge, also knowing that you will need to be crafty and frugal in the beginning to be successful.