Easy Ways to Spark Your Creativity

Creativity is for everyone. Each and every one of us, no matter how great or how small we may see ourselves in the creative aspect, has a certain degree of creativity in us. In some people, that tiny spark of creative energy is simply in a dormant state, waiting for a muse and inspiration or for the right channel and outlet.

If you’re one of those highly creative people whose creativity level is somehow starting to drop, or if you feel like you really had no active creativity in the first place, here are easy ways to spark your creativity.

Go with the flow.
Ride the wave of life instead of countering it. Embrace every stage of life, from childhood to old age. Accept both the bitter and the sweet in life. There are life experiences that remain inevitable, as they should be. Keeping it simple and real, and staying grounded is sometimes the simplest way to open your intuitive and creative channels.

Choose your music and dance to it.
Meditative and calming music is like food for the soul. What you often hear has a great impact on your consciousness. If you often listen to noise-like “music” with curse words posing as lyrics, then most likely you will feel depressed and angry. You somehow empathize and identify with the song you often listen to. Try listening to classical instrumental solos or duos. My favorite is the violin. It brings out the emotions from the very depths of my being. The piano and the cello are also very nice and relaxing background for welcoming creative insights and ideas.

Be clean within and without. Only then can you find your purpose, balance and center. A person leading a clean and healthy lifestyle is much more open-minded and insightful than a person with a destructive vice-filled life. There’s not much creativity sparked if you’re drunk or high or whatever.

Take a walk; not a pill.
The results are much better and there are no adverse side effects. Highly recommended by Ayurvedic experts, taking regular walks is great for your health and metabolism. Moreover, walking has also been found to somehow release stress and clear the mind. And a clear and relaxed mind is an open medium for creativity.

Walking alone works wonders in awakening the creativity within, making you feel good, and keeping you healthy.