Expensive Crafts You Can Make From Home

Classy equals expensive… or so they say. I say, it’s not a general truth. You can make your house look elegantly chic and classy even without spending too much from your hard-earned income.

As a responsible parent, my kids’ health, safety and comfort top my list of priorities. And so, I try my best to keep my crafting expenses down to a reasonable minimum. Here are a few otherwise expensive crafts that you can make from the comfort of your own home.


DIY Yarn Tapestry


Tapestry adds a vintage look and aura to your otherwise plain wall. This one is simply made out of yarn (of your preferred colors), a twig or stick of your choice, paint of your color choice and paint brush, and a glue gun, minus the tapestry loom, which costs around $100.

  • First, paint your stick white, leaving it to dry for around 10 minutes.
  • Next, cut the yarn according to your desired length and color pattern but keeping in mind that the design should have a draping U-pattern.
  • Now start gluing one end of the cut yarn strings, from the shortest to the longest, and starting from the center and going to the left side of the stick. Make sure to glue on the stick’s chosen back side. Once done, start gluing the opposite ends of the yarn strings to the right side of the stick, still beginning from shortest string in the center and going out.

Finally, do the necessary trimming of excess yarn and voila! You can hang the sleek tapestry on your wall. It costs next to nothing, versus buying one that roughly costs anywhere from $80 to $500, depending on the intricacy of the design.

$60 DIY Hoop Light

Geometric pendant lights simply add elegance to any home. You can buy one at a hefty $375, or you can pick up your tools and make your very own for only $60. Here’s what you’ll need.

A light bulb, of course
A simple pendant lamp of your chosen color
Copper glue
Copper-colored spray-paint
An inch of copper pipe
A quarter inch of copper coil, including rubber tips

You’ll also need a pipe cutter, a hand drill and a 5/16 drill bit for metal.
Now we begin.

  • Spray-paint the pendant lamp, making sure to trim off any extra parts especially around the bulb area.
  • With a pipe cutter, customize the copper pipe to your preferred length.
  • Insert your light’s cord through the copper pipe.
  • Use your pipe cutter to customize the copper coil into your preferred hoop size.
  • Then start drilling holes into the chosen part of the copper pipe.
  • This is where the hoop will be hanging from.
  • Attach the hoop to the copper pipe, inserting each end of the copper coil into the drilled holes on the pipe. To fix the hoop onto the pipe, don’t forget to glue rubber tips on to each end of the copper coil before inserting.
  • Finally, install the light bulb into your customized copper hoop.

Before you get all excited, please don’t forget to follow the necessary safety precautions when dealing with electrical stuff. Make sure that the power is turned off when attaching or detaching bulbs. Otherwise, your DIY hoop light might end up in flames and cost you more than you bargained for.

If you can’t afford something, why not try making it yourself? Maybe you can afford it but you’re simply a wise owl and choose not to spend unnecessarily huge amounts of money over non-basic needs. Or perhaps you simply love the challenge of doing something yourself. Whatever reason or motivation lurking behind your DIY propensities, what makes DIY crafts great is this: You can personalize and customize to your heart’s content. The sky’s the limit.