Is YouTube the Only Video Marketing Platform?

While YouTube may be the primary video marketing platform to use, there are multiple other platforms to include in your video marketing strategy. Businesses having presence on multiple social media platforms with video content boosts brand popularity and opens the door to larger audiences. Social media is used by billions of people globally, so all social media channels are important to utilize for video marketing purposes.


YouTube is the go-to website for videos. Most of the content includes sponsored advertisements and video commercial breaks between videos. This is an ideal platform to explore as it can actually earn a little revenue for your business.

Revenue is only generated on videos that are watched in their entirety. If a user exits the video, it is considered a broken connection and is not counted toward profitability.


Facebook allows page owners to set parameters for their advertisements to ensure that the right locations and audiences are reached. Utilizing Facebook Live is also suggested as it is a good way to introduce new products and announce breaking company news. It also promotes audience/brand interaction.

Your brand should have a full business Facebook profile. It should also be marketing its Facebook presence, and one way to do that is with a sponsored video ad. You can also post these videos to the brand’s Facebook page and encourage followers to share the videos.


Simply introducing a video and providing a link via Twitter is helpful for your brand. Twitter is still used daily by millions of people worldwide and is a main marketing platform for most major brands.

Included with Twitter should be Periscope. Periscope allows for live streaming of video content for mobile devices. Both Android and iOS operating systems are supported.


Snapchat is steadily gaining popularity. Brands have learned that they can be present and can advertise on Snapchat. The process is not as easy, but reaching millennial audiences is done easier by having an active presence on the social media app.

Your audience will interact, and perhaps share your brand’s videos on their own Snapchat profiles. Although the app is still fairly new, it is consistently adding features to increase its functionality and performance.


Instagram is often forgotten about since it is mainly a platform for sharing photos. You can also share videos on Instagram, and for brands, this should be a channel to pay attention to. Most major brands have Instagram accounts; even local news anchors have branded pages on Instagram. There is no reason that your business should not be visible and interactive here too. It is a great way to reach younger audiences and increase brand presence.

Final Thoughts

Don’t neglect any social media platform when it comes to video marketing. Most professional video production companies will tell you which platforms will work best for you, but you should just post your content on all of them. Be sure to include every video on your brand’s website as well. Some streaming services also offer spots for advertisements, and including a video advertisement is yet another avenue to explore. If your brand does not have a video marketing plan or strategy in place, it is something you should make a priority before 2017.