My Favorite Sites for DIY Ideas

Searching the internet is like sailing on a deep and vast ocean. You could easily get lost amidst its overwhelming torrents and waves. A simple search on a single subject will lead you to an often overwhelming and confusing variety of results. And sifting through each and every suggested site can be quite time-consuming. And time, especially for moms like me, is truly of the essence.

So for all moms and DIY enthusiasts out there, below is my very own list of favorite DIY sites, which will hopefully help in saving your time and energy. Enjoy!

Do It Yourself
This site tops my list. It has an impressively simple, neat and organized layout, consisting of only three main drop-down categories: how-to’s, projects and forums. Ideas range from simple and easy ones like holiday decorations, turning an old crib to a safety baby gate, or creating your own stamped concrete driveway, and to more complex projects like the Solar Powered Hoop-style Greenhouse and the DIY Cheap Solar Panel, which are great in saving energy and money.

This one’s another personal favorite of mine. I want to try out their “Invite Pollinators into Your Garden with a Bee Habitat” project, to somehow turn my garden into a pollinator-friendly habitat. On the other hand, my kids would probably freak out from all the bees. Perhaps I’ll stick to their more simple ones like the DIY Easter Basket from an Old Paper Grocery Bag or How to Grow Your Own Easter Grass.

This lifesaver includes everything you can think of: from cleaning tap water with discounted Brita products, to making DIY zip tie crampons for better traction in the ice and snow, to making a DIY LEGO table to keep your kids entertained and their bricks organized.

DIY Sites for Your Boys
These sites are worth recommending to your boys. Note, however, that they include projects that require adult supervision, which is perfect for that father-and-son bonding time. Check them out.

This site has a very neat and user-friendly layout. The projects offered range from simple to complex, from crafts and design to more technological stuff like drones and vehicles.

Another great choice for you, your husband and your kids, this free-registration site covers almost anything from soups and stews, to clay project ideas, to woodworking. There is a wide variety of DIY projects you can do with your kids, like no-sew beanies, no-sew doggie blanket and no-sew kid’s teepee. If your husband is more of an up-for-any-challenge type of guy, the site has projects like building a portable toolbox for travel, rehandling a toolbar, making a little free library from pallet wood, and even making a Coilgun Handgun.

Another interesting aspect of Instructables is its DIY guru and life hack artist Kipkay. Also a resident artist on the Science Channel TV, his instructional videos range from informative how-to’s to cool pranks, which will definitely interest your boys.

Bizarre Stuff You Can Make in Your Kitchen
This is a must-visit site come science fair season. The site is a “celebration of early to mid 20th century home experimentation and pop science illustration.” It provides projects for your little ones (like the Dancing Raisins) as well as for your not-so-little ones (like the Tesla Coil).