Quick Easy Meals I Make For My Family

With my position as a photographer, I have free time when I schedule it. I am usually able to be home with my family during dinner time, to prepare full meals we will all enjoy. But, sometimes I have clients scheduled in the evening hours and have to find a quick way to feed the family. With kids and a husband, I have learned simple dishes that can be made ahead of time to appease everyone’s taste.

Crockpot Soups and Stews
An easy way to prepare a meal ahead of time is with a crockpot. I love using a crockpot as it takes little time to get the ingredients inside and I can simply walk away, coming back in the evening to enjoy a full meal. A few of my favorite soups and stews from the crockpot include Chicken Chili and Chicken Stew. Think of what types of foods your family enjoys and how you might could convert your recipe for quick crockpot cooking.

Sandwich Bar
A fun way to feed the family is to create a sandwich bar. Have a nice selection of meats and cheeses, condiments and veggies to create hoagie sandwiches at home. To do this, all you have to do is lay out the ingredients. Each family member will then create their own sandwich, which means no work for you and little clean up!

During the summer months, my family enjoys fresh salads for dinner. I purchase pre-packed salad which can include just lettuce or have other vegetables as well. I then include our favorite veggies such as cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers, etc and have each veggie cut and ready to add to the salad. Everyone adds their own veggies so it can be a customized salad. Have a few choices of salad dressing to mix up the taste and you have a quick and tasty meal choice for the summer months.

Raid the Cabinets
On my super busy nights, we simply raid the cabinets for dinner. This is pretty rare but on these nights it is basically a free-for-all in our house. Everyone just looks to see what looks good and then prepares it themselves. For the kids it might be chicken noodle soup or a grilled cheese and the adults may have a pizza or frozen dinner. These nights are simple but a great way for me to be able to worry less about what’s for dinner!