Top Ways to Make Money From Crafts

Because I work as a photographer, I have learned of new ways to expand my profession by creating crafty gifts. Anyone can take a skill they possess and turn it into a profit, with just a little imagination and time. I have learned that being crafty has its perks and you can easily use your skills to start a business, earning money that will benefit your family.

Consider Your Skills
To get started, you will need to focus on your skills. Do you like to paint? Are you handy with a skill saw? Do you like to work with fabric? Once you can hone in on one particular area that you are good at, you will be able to decide how you can make money with your crafts.

The hot trend today with moms and ladies is monogramming. Everyone is monogramming everything, from boots to hats and clothing. Do you know how to monogram? Enjoy creating new pieces with your initials? Why not use this skill to make money. Consider asking friends and family if they would be interested in ordering monogrammed items. Start with a few pieces and see how your business can grow as word of mouth of your crafty projects begins.

Do you like to paint? There are several ways you can take painting and make money. If you are very skillful with a paint brush, consider starting a mural painting business. New moms love to have a nursery customized or a toddler’s room to have more character. You can also take your skill and create Christmas ornaments or knick-knack’s that can be sold at local flea markets or stores.

Just like monogramming, initials have been in hot demand for the past few years. Consider how you might could paint initials or monograms on items that could be sold. This could be ornaments as mentioned previously or you could paint on burlap to create a keepsake that can be framed and hung in the home.

Ribbons can easily be used to create hair bows which can be big business depending on where you live. Cheerleaders love to wear hair bows, so if you live in a big sports town, you can created themed hair bows based on local schools. You can then create even more hair bows with different themes to keep customers coming back for more. Take customized orders based on color and add-ons such as appliques or charms, to give the bows a unique look and build your business.

Create Your Own Business
Once you have your idea in place, you can begin to create your own business. There are two simple ways to do so; Facebook and Etsy. Starting out, it is best to use Facebook. You can create a business page and allow people to follow your progress. You can post photos of your work and gain clients by your followers sharing your page.

You can take orders on Facebook via messenger and stay in contact with customers on your Facebook wall. You can post specials or deals to your customers that they can see when they log on to Facebook, with the capability to share such deals, helping you to further sales.
Etsy is a wonderful site used by crafters who want to sell their wares. You can post photos of your crafts and set your own prices. You can then reach clients around the world, who can view your items and make purchases. This is a great way to reach a wider audience and be able to sell more product.

These are just a few examples of what you can do with crafts to make money and how to start your own business. Do your research and figure out what you can do in your area to use your skills and make money in the process.