Top Worries for Traveling Abroad

Traveling abroad can be hectic, and one is bound to get worried. Most of the worries revolve around finances, safety, health, and the uncertainty of the entire journey. Traveling to a far away land means being away from one’s comfort zone, and that is likely to spark fear.


These are the top worries for traveling abroad:


Fear of losing documents

Several countries are strict about travel documents, and losing them may cause one to panic. If for example, an ATM swallows your debit card, you may be inconvenienced, and your activities may come to a standstill.  You will be unable to make any purchases or movements in your new location.


In some cases, you may lose your luggage at the airport or to muggers. And all these are likely to cause fear and panic. Lacking the right documents may lead to a deportation, and no is ready to deal with furious authorities who are demanding relevant documents.


Losing track of your finances

If you run a business, it is much easier to control your finances when you are home. Managing your money from another country may be hectic and may make you fearful. Although there are apps that can be used to perform the work, you do not want to lose track of your finances. So, you may resort to canceling or delaying your trip anyway.

Getting sick or injured

Weather or climate change may cause one to fall ill. And this happens mostly due to jetlag, or change in food. No one is afraid of a minor headache or a stomach bug after a long trip. But anyone can be concerned with a major health issue that may prompt a visit to a physician, in a foreign land.

Lice infestation

Not very common, but not unheard of. Sometimes, the airline company will not treat all its seats for parasites like lice, and they may come into contact with passengers.

If you catch lice on vacation in Hawaii, it is probably because you have come into contact with someone who is affected, and maybe there is a lice outbreak. Whenever there is an outbreak, you are less likely to be spared, unfortunately, and that may increase your worry before you set out for your journey.  Lice can be done away with, but they need proper treatment to avoid reinfestation.

Your safety

Security has become a primary concern, especially with the surge of terrorism cases around the globe. Safety is key, and anyone needs this reassurance before setting foot on a plane.

In most cases, you will get more worried if you lack travel insurance because you are helpless, in the event of a disaster. People will likely abandon their trips if safety is not guaranteed. Worse, foreign places have been believed to be more dangerous, and this has only made travelers even more worried when traveling abroad.


Anyone can get worried before traveling abroad. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate those concerns before deciding to travel.

What are your top worries when traveling abroad?